10 Minute Analysis of the Latest 100 Inbound.org Submissions

I was having a quick browse of Inbound.org this morning, and curiosity got the better of me as I wondered how diverse the latest submissions were, and what the most popular domain is that is being regularly submitted (I think you can probably guess).

I decided to spend 10 minutes looking.

Most Popular Domains in the Inbound.org Top 100

Top 10 most popular domains on Inbound.org

And here you have it. At the time of writing, the top 100 submissions on Inbound.org feature 65 unique domains. The Moz website, unsurprisingly, appears at the top of this list with 10 submissions (Rand Fishkin is behind both sites, if you didn’t know that already).

Most Popular Headline Keywords

As I had gone this far, I thought I might as well see what words are most common in the headlines of submissions.

Most Common Headline Phrases on Inbound.org

The words ‘Google’, ‘SEO’, ‘Search’ and ‘Content’ are all common within the top 100 submissions – which doesn’t really give me anything more to say if I’m honest.

How to Export Gmail Messages to Excel CSV (with Thunderbird)

I needed a way of exporting the email messages from Gmail to Excel CSV format recently, and there’s a lot of random (and confusing) solutions listed online, so thought I’d blog about the one that actually worked for me.

It’s all pretty straight forward – here’s how.

Step 1: Download & Install Thunderbird

Hop over to the Mozilla website and download the email client Thunderbird. Once you’ve installed it, open up the program and head to step two.

Step 2: Add Gmail Account to Thunderbird

Once you have Thunderbird open, select the option to add a new account and enter your Gmail credentials. Thunderbird should automatically detect the default Gmail settings, giving you the option to select either IMAP or POP3. For the purposes of this, I selected POP3 (to store emails on my computer), then clicked the ‘Done’ option to finalise.

Add new Gmail account to Thunderbird

Step 3: Import Gmail Messages

Next up, click the ‘Get Mail’ option in Thunderbird to import the email messages from Gmail.

Import Gmail email messages into Thunderbird

Step 4: Install Import/Export Addon for Thunderbird

As Thunderbird doesn’t offer the export to CSV functionality as standard, you’ll need to grab this import/export addon which will do the trick. Download and install the addon.

Step 5: Download Gmail Mails as Excel CSV

You can now select multiple emails within Thunderbird (hold CTRL and click in Windows for multiple selections). Once you have selected the messages you want to export to Excel CSV, simply right click and select the ‘Save selected messages’ option, then ‘Spreadsheet (CSV)’.

Click to export Gmail messages to Excel CSV

This should do the trick, with your selected Gmail messages appearing as seperate rows within an Excel CSV file (downloaded to the destination you chose).

Have fun.

UK Domain Names for Sale – June 2013

I spotted this afternoon that Rhys was selling a few of his domains and it reminded me that I have a few knocking around that I’m happy to let go.

Below is the list of domains I’m looking to sell on, along with their approx. monthly search volume (taken via the Google AdWords Keyword Tool). None of the domains have any history in terms of having websites on them, as they’ve kind of just been sitting around in my 123-reg account. Drop me an email (kieronhughes[at]gmail[dot]com) if you’re interested!

  • usopengolf.co.uk – 6,600 searches (up to 74k+ at time of event)
  • elclasico.co.uk – 4,400 searches (up to 12k+ at time of event)
  • streamlivefootball.co.uk – 14,800 searches
  • flightstocrete.org.uk – 5,400 searches
  • martymcflyshoes.co.uk – 320 searches
  • rangeroverforsale.org.uk – 2,900 searches
  • transitvans.org.uk – 590 searches
  • usedcaravansforsale.org.uk – 2,400 searches

Stop. Start. Stop. Start.

Chuck Palahniuk

Last week I was reading Chuck Palahniuk’s AMA on reddit and one particular answer struck me. The question posed to Chuck was (to paraphrase), “What offends you?”, to which he responded:

What offends me? Waste offends me, or great ideas that never get developed. I want to steal from every writer I meet who shares a brilliant idea that he or she will never complete.

As I looked through my domain list on 123-reg this morning, that quote struck a chord. I have 20 registered domain names, down from around 35 about 6 months ago. The amount of sites that sit live on them? One. This blog. And that wasn’t even live until today.

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